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BlackJack Strategy PRO! allows you to figure out the optimal betting strategies to win at blackjack consistently! You will either be able to come up with a consistently winning strategy that will make yourself money at the casinos, or, save yourself tons of cash because you realize your current strategy won't work! Bottom line - you'll figure out how to make or save a lot of money in the long run! (Plus you'll make your wife or girlfriend extremely happy because of all the 'extra' money you have! That is definitely worth the price of this software!)

This software is fully supported on Windows 95/98/2000/XP/VISTA. Try the free version first, or order online, by phone, cheque or money order now!

Did you know that certain playing styles are consistently winners, and that one strategy will not necessarily work at another casino because of different blackjack rules at the casino? For example, if it was possible to always double your previous bet until you won (at a casino that had no upper betting limit), you could always win, and win big. In some online and offline casinos, the spread (difference between minimum and maximum bets), and the minimum amount to bet is large enough that you actually can apply a strategy similar to this and win consistently. With this software, you will able to figure out what those strategies are, which ones work for you, and at which casinos (online or offline) are best to play at. And, of course -- if you can't figure out a strategy that works for you -- then your wife or girlfriend will be very happy because you won't gamble, and you'll be able to enjoy your life in other ways! You could even tell her that you decided not to gamble because of her, make her feel special -- while knowing it's simply because you are practising until you have a winning strategy. 

With BlackJack Strategy Pro!
, you can:
  • Simulate thousands of played hands to win money, choose the number of players playing with you, and choose their betting styles so you can see what the general outcome would be if you played against those people!
  • Graphically see winning and losing trends! to make it easy to identify which styles work best for you
  • Totally customize playing styles of players, and totally customize the casino rules. So, you can choose to Hit, Stand, double down and split on certain hands at one casino, and play a totally different way at a different casinos.
  • Save time and money by seeing how long it would take you to play, and what your average hourly rate would be given certain betting patterns.Obviously, if it was high, you would go out and make money -- otherwise save yourself a ton of cash, spend time with your wife/girlfriend and make her happy.
  • You can visually graphically see the trend of you making or losing money, and adjust your strategy accordingly!
  • Train your blackjack skills for casino play by playing blackjack as well!
  • Apply different wager strategies
  • Plus, the software just looks great! It uses real card images, blackjack style table, plus much more!
  • You can try out the evaluation version, which times out after 2 minutes of usage, or 500 hands on auto, or get the full version which removes all these restrictions so you can use it fully!

Plus much more! Try the free version first, or order online, by phone, cheque or money order now!