$$Black Jack 21 Tips$$

$$Black Jack 21 Tips$$


1-         The number 1 rule is NEVER gamble more than you can afford!

Play with money that you can afford to lose.

2-         Playing blackjack can be very profitable but you need to have a clear mind, limit your alcohol usage when playing.

3-         Set a limit and stick to it before you go. You’re leaving once you lose your $100 or when you’re up $250. Something along those lines  

4-         Never chase, let’s say your limit for the sitting is $250. Two hours in you down about $200. You take a break and are thinking about withdrawing another $250 to try to win back your money. This is an example of chasing, don’t do it. Read rule 3.

Ok so we have discussed basic gambling principles lets get to the in game tips.

5-      Splits, everyone wants to know when they should split cards as it gives you an opportunity to win two hands quickly. Rule of thumb never split anything that starts with “F” so Fours, Fives, and Face Cards should never be split. Split your Aces and eights, and always split your pairs if the dealer shows 6 or less.

6-         Ride out the cycles, your going to be faced with winning and losing streaks. What makes a successful blackjack player is one that can manage both. When your losing and sense the cards aren’t so good lower your bets. When your winning and have a sense that the decks are hot, increase your bets a little. Use your instincts, bit remember rule 1, 3 and 4




$$Black Jack 21 Tips$$


7-         Insurance, every new player I talk to asks when they should take insurance. I’ve played in 100’s of games where I see rookie players taking the insurance. Don’t so it, insurance only helps the dealer/casino. I would only recommend taking insurance if you are a solid card counter, or have a decent grasp on what has been played.

8-         When should you hit? There are a number of scenarios but basic rule of thumb is: Hit if you have 9 or lower, hit if you have between 12-16 if the dealer shows 7 or higher.  See chart

9-         When should I stand?  Again as with Hitting, when you should decide to stand varies basic concept is to stand if you have 17 or higher, or if you have between 12-16 and the dealer card is lower than a 7. See chart

10-       Doubling Down: A lot of rookie players do not understand this concept. It is very important that you are aware of when to do so.  Make sure you are aware of the casino rules regarding Doubling. Some casinos limit your ability to double if you have 10 or 11. Most will allow it on any two cards. Some even allow it when splitting which can be very profitable. Doubling down allows you to double your wager and receive only one more card. Basic principle is to double down if the dealer shows a 2-6. It is also worth while to DD if you show a 10 to the dealers 9 or an 11 to the dealers 10.

11-       Soft Hand- Simply put a soft hand contains an ace; you can use the ace as 11 or as 1. 

12-       Hard Hand- Hard hand is basically any two card that maintain their value they can contain an ace but rarely do unless the ace comes out third. The flexibility of the soft hand is what provides a slight edge to the player.  A7 would be considered a hard 8 or a soft 17. See chart.

$$Black Jack 21 Tips$$



13-       Surrendering a hand- Depending on the house rules you may be allowed to surrender your hand, essentially this means returning your two cards and half your wager.  

14-       Read, rule 14 is simple, read as many books as you can about the game. You can access a lot of what you need to know on our website. I recommend reading some of the books we have listed as well.

15-       Running count- A lot of players ask me about the running count vs the true count  these terms are used by card counters, simply put the running count is a positive negative  variance of cards played.

16-       True count, this is harder and needs to be calculated to help to increase your edge. A player needs to know the number of decks being used, and you need to divide the running count by this to come to the true count. 

17-       Always make sure you are aware of ALL house rules. They can vary from place to place.

18-       Can I make money at this? For the most part if you are a beginner you need to think of it as entertainment. Start out playing online for free until you can grasp the game. Once you step into a casino start at a table limit lower than what you plan to play at.

19-       Be wary of your surroundings, there are many distractions in the casino, waitresses, slot machines going off, players chatting. Its important that you remain concentrated on the game and what is happening around you.


$$Black Jack 21 Tips$$


20-       Know your limit and stick to it. Say your on a two day winning streak at your usual limit, you may feel invincible and decide to move to a bigger table. Don’t do it. Stick to rule 1.

21-       Rule number 21 is simply to have fun. If you are not having fun or are stressed out perhaps Black Jack is not for you!



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